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Our Show Cages have been sold through local resellers in Germany, Austria and other european countries for quite some time. For years we delivered only on a wholesale basis. But now the limits have been dropped, not only can associations but also individuals order directly. (Please note that for wholesale prices a certain minimum quantity is neccessary.) Resellers requests welcome!
  Do you want something different, something that fits our line and that we could produce? Hey... that's what friends are for! Contact us, we will come to an agreement!

Where is Slovakia anyhow?
Remember Czechoslovakia? Well after the country split up in 1990 two countries emerged, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (Slovakia).

Slovakia lies east of Austria and north of Hungary. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava which lies only 50Km (ca. 31 miles) east from Vienna. That places us in central europe. As a matter of fact in Slovakia lies the geographical center of Europe.

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