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cat show cage - easy to carry cat show cage - easy to mount cat show cage - easy to mount
Cat Show Cage / Show Pen
70x2 Rigid Frame (70x70x140cm)
with Polycarbonate Glass Panes (Visitor Side)
cat cage standard 70x1

In essence this is the classic heavy duty cage that you have already seen in many respectable cat shows. With one major twist: the visitor side sports transparent panes.

These panes are made from shatter-resistant polycarbonate, the same material that is used to make bulletproof windows.
At delivery each pane is covered in protective foil that is easily removable.

This cage folds in 2 Variants:

  1. folds to 70x210 cm length (classic)
  2. folds to 70x140 cm length (space saving)

For its folded size this cage is usually used only by associations and cage lenders, contact us for our wholesale price list.

Brief overview of Cat Exhibition Cage:

Name: 70x2 Cat Show Cage Double PC-Glass

Measurements: metric imperial
70x70x140 cm 27.6x27.6x4'7" inch

70x210x1 cm
[70x140x1 cm]

27.6x6'10"x0.5 inch
[27.6x4'7"x0.5 inch]

Weight: 15 kg 33 lb

Surface: - Cage: galvanized

Openings: - Opens on Top, flip-top opening
- Two big door openings, easy to manipulate

Includes: - 1x Cage
- Visitor side with Polycarbonate Panes