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cat show cage - easy to carry cat show cage - easy to mount cat show cage - easy to mount cat show cage - easy to mount cat show cage - easy to mount cat show cage - easy to mount
Small Animal Show Cages
All sizes

small animal cages These are the cages used for rabbits, doves, ducks, Chinchillas, and all other kind of small animals.

If you seek cages in a size not listed below then contact us for custom made production. Please note that a certain minimum quantity of a new cage size is required to justify the creation of a new form for the wire welding.

If you have an alltogether different product, made out of wire, send us pictures and desired quantities -ideally you send us a sample- and we shall evaluate if we can build it for you.

Our standard small animal cage sizes are as follows:

40x2 40x40x40cm x 2 compartments
40x3 40x40x40cm x 3 compartments
40x5 40x40x40cm x 5 compartments
50x2 50x50x50cm x 2 compartments
50x3 50x50x50cm x 3 compartments
50x4 50x50x50cm x 4 compartments
60x3 60x60x60cm x 3 compartments
70x2 70x70x70cm x 2 compartments*
70x3 70x70x70cm x 3 compartments
80x2 80x80x80cm x 2 compartments
80x3 80x80x80cm x 3 compartments
100x1 100x100x100cm x 1 compartment
100x2 100x100x100cm x 2 compartments

* please note that this 70x2 cage, albeit similar in size is of a completely different build and type as the 70x2 cat show cage. The cat show cage has different standards and is build differently.